Great news!

The counter on the EduApps site clocked a half million pounds of money saved on MyStudyBar downloads. I know that some of you are familiar with MyStudyBar but just in case you’re not:

MyStudyBar – consists of a collection of freeware and open source software which is specially selected to help students with literacy difficulties (planning, reading, writing, vision and voice). For learners who need such help, MyStudyBar can make the difference between participation and exclusion, even between achievement and failure.

Many thousands of individuals and organisations have downloaded MyStudyBar from the website of the Regional Support Centre Scotland North & East. As the commercially equivalent price of the apps on a single MyStudyBar download is around £120, the maths is simple: total number of downloads multiplied by commercial price tag is now more than half a million pounds saved. That is, half a million pounds saved for the public purse.

The big secret – that the RSC is pleased to share – is that MyStudyBar offers tools that are functionally no different to the best paid-for products. In these economically-difficult times, this is very good news indeed.

What they say:

Andew Edis, ILT Co-ordinator, New College Nottingham

We have already distributed 16,000 USB sticks containing free and open source software from the RSC Scotland North & East, right across the college. I must say I’m impressed with this - in times of financial squeeze the fact that MyStudyBar is open source is a major plus

Lorraine Cochrane, Additional Support Lecturer, South Lanarkshire College

I am continuing to promote MyStudyBar in my job as Additional Support Lecturer at South Lanarkshire College and as a trainer for teachers for AOK Learning Ltd. I think the software is excellent, with tremendous potential for supporting learning across the school and college curriculums.

Anona Scott, Lecturer, Carnegie College

I think MyStudyBar is fantastic. This tool really empowers our learners with literacy difficulties, particularly those students who don’t receive extra funding. We are rolling out MyStudyBar throughout the college.

Alan Gurburt, Dyslexia Lincoln

I test drove MyStudyBar and it’s brilliant! MyStudyBar will provide a real solution for our dyslexic E2E students (there’s no funding available from the council). I can visualise having it installed on every computer in our learning centre. A USB version is great for students’ personal computers.

Gerry Kennedy, Inclusive Technology Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

Congratulations on releasing MyStudyBar. I’ve been experimenting with it today - both the XP version and the Vista7 version with Speech Recognition. They both work like a charm! There is already a buzz in Australia about this exciting new literacy toolbar - and well deserved. It will assist such a wide range of users.

Garth Ritchie, Ministry of Education, New Zealand

Just my positive feedback on what you have achieved in the MyStudyBar application. I think that this will make it easier to get assistive technology to the students in schools for whom it would not be considered otherwise. Your work has direct spinoffs for inclusive education around the world. Many thanks from the New Zealanders who will benefit.

Felip Betancur Posada,Fundcacion Todos Podemos Ayudar, Colombia

Hello my name is Felipe Betancur. I am the director from the foundation TODOS PODEMOS AYUDAR, translated is something like   “We all can help” and we are working hard helping people with disabilities like blind users for libraries. We loved the MyStudyBar, is so great and simple to use. I am writing to tell you a lot of schools and universities are interested in installing it, is so great so simple to use.

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