The DAISY consortium recently released a new product – Tobi: a software tool to author DAISY multimedia. What makes Toib different from other DAISY programs is that it allows you to create DTBs by synchronising XML files with narration or imported audio files. Creating an XML file is relatively easy using the DAISY add-in for Word and OpenWriter.

I suppose it’s a bit like using PhotoStory 3 or MovieMaker but in this case it allows you to synchronising what is essentially a Word document with audio which can then be exported to DTB and read in AMIS. I think Tobi provides an excellent opportunity to create accessible PodCasts (and a great deal more) without the additional need for transcripts – Tobi does the lot!

Toib: multimedia tool for DAISY

If you’d like to download a copy of Tobi you can get it from the Tobi Project site: - I’d recommend you go to the Download page and scroll towards the bottom of the page and download the ‘No-instal, no-udpates’ Tobi.Net 3 option. This is the portable version, but like most of the DAISY programs it will require you to have a Direct X installation on your PC.