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YouTube is a free video sharing site where users can watch, comment and upload videos. For a concise overview of YouTube for learning and teaching it’s worth having a look at Educause’s excellent 7 things you should know series. They have a range of two-page summaries on new and emerging technologies. You can download the YouTube guide here

A useful feature of YouTube is the ability to embed videos into blogs. As an example, if I was teaching study skills I might want to provide a concise overview of mindmapping. A quick trip over to YouTube and a search on Tony Buzan brings up a 5 minute overview by the creator of mindmaps. To use this in my blog I just copy and paste the code provided by YouTube.

I have pasted the code from YouTube and pasted it into this blog entry.

Video from YouTube of Tony Buzan

Welcome to the new Learning Technologies blog from the JISC RSC Scotland N&E. This is a pilot site and we hope to highlight new and emerging learning technologies for learning and teaching. Got something you’d like to see featured or explained in the blog? Get in touch.

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