Text-to-speech convertors can be useful for a variety of users and there are many to choose from. One such tool is vozMe - an easy-to-use, free web-based convertor. At it’s simplest you can copy and paste text into the central window and click on “create mp3″. It will then convert it to mp3 format suitable for playback on ipods, mobile phones - anything that will play mp3 format. There’s also a selection of useful utilities you can add to your own blog or website.

This short screencast introduces the basic features of vozMe. I mention TechDis. They have excellent accessibility and inclusion resources. Well worth a visit. I also mention Craig Mill, our elearning advisor for accessibility and inclusion and the joint blog he produces in partnership with Margaret McKay, his counterpart in the other Scottish RSC.

If you would like any further information on vozMe or accessibility in general please use the contact form to get in touch.

My audio is slightly distorted in the middle section. I hope it doesn’t detract too much from the screencast. Must remember to recheck my audio levels when changing mics!