I’ve not had time to catch up with all the Google Wave hype so I wanted to download this 90 minute YouTube video and watch it tonight on my shiny new WDTV. Headed over to Zamzar who offer a great free service for downloading and converting YouTube videos.

However, the free service only allows files up to a 100Mb for conversion. This file is about 180Mb. Next step, my trusty fallback when things fail - media-convert.com but it looks like they’ve removed the YouTube download service.

A quick google search and KeepVid was one of the top hits. It’s straightforward to use. Just enter the address of the YouTube video you want to download in the box below and hit download. On this occasion it asked me to choose which version of the video I wanted to convert as it was available in high and standard. I chose the high quality version then saved it to my computer. That’s it. I let it download in the background while I got on with other things. It took about an hour to download and convert the YouTube video into mp4 format.

As an added bonus the converted mp4 file will also play on my iPod Touch.