There are a lot of great online photo editors out there. One main advantage is that there’s generally nothing to download, assuming you have a flash enabled web browser. Some don’t even require registration like picnik. Picknik’s great for quick adjustments like rotating and resizing – if you can live with the ads on the free account.

One particular application I’ve used recently is splashup (formerly fauxto). If you’re familiar with Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements you’ll feel right at home with this interface. It’s certainly more like Photoshop than Adobe’s Photoshop Express, their free online photo editor. You do get 2Gb of space to store and share your images with Express which is good to have.

Splashup’s got advanced features such as layers and layer effects. When you’re in fullscreen mode it feels almost like a full desktop application. Here’s a quick demo. I briefly show how to open an image, rotate it, add text including a drop shadow layer effect, resize it then save it.