If you’re looking for information on the benefits of using images in your learning and teaching materials and looking for sources of images, TASI in partnership with Intute have just released a virtual training suite called “Internet for Image Searching“. There’s also a useful section on copyright law and image rights.

Intute: VIrtual Training Suite (VTS) are a collection of free Internet tutorials for teaching Internet research skills for over 65 university & college subjects. The tutorials are authored and updated by a national network of subject experts from UK universities and colleges. If you’re not familiar with the Virtual Training Suite model they are broken down into four sections: Tour, Discover, Judge, Success stories. There are resources mentioned throughout and you can click on the “add to basket” icon for any resources of interest. A bit like adding items to the basket if you’ve used Amazon before.

And when you’ve finished you click on the the Links basket icon (1). You’re then presented with a list of links you’ve added to your basket (2). And you can then email the list of links (3) to yourself for later reference.

Intute also provide a range of support materials including handouts and worksheets for use in teaching and training. And concluding the images theme they have a VTS on Digital Photography.

Intute VTS || Digital Photography