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screencast productions notes: recorded on a Samsung NC10 netbook using a trial version of Camtasia Studio 6 and an Audio Technica AT2020 USB mic. Embedded version uploaded to Full version uploaded to our own server. Still not 100 percent happy with the screencast workflow but getting nearer to what I’ll be happy with.

Flickr is an online photosharing site and currently hosts over 4 billion photos. The short screencast above introduces Flickr Notes - a great way to add interactivity to your photos.

Adding a note to your own Flickr Photos

1. Select the photo you want and Click on Add Note.

2. The box below appears. Click and drag anywhere inside the the dashed box to reposition it. The four small squares on the corners of the box are resizing handles. Click and drag on any one to resize the box.

In the screencast I mention how to add hyperlinks to notes – links to other resources. Here’s the html required to do that.

<a href="YourURL">Your Text</a>

Open hyperlink in new window

<a href="YourURL" target="blank">Your Text<a>

And here’s the finished note with hyperlink. You can find it on Flickr here

I’d be interested to hear how you use or intend to use Flickr notes for learning and teaching. Feel free to leave a comment :-)