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We had an RSCtv session scheduled to run on the 9 April but I decided to do a screencast instead due to the Easter holidays. So here’s a 19 minute screencast on Mindmapping with Mindmeister. Mindmeister is a an online mindmapping tool.

Running order

a.The first 4m12s is a general overview of mindmapping so if you already know about mind maps you can skip this bit.
b. 3m45s I mention dyslexia and mindmapping. Here’s the urls for that section Mind Mapping for Dyslexics and Memory and Mindmaps from the Brite Centre
c. 4m10s – General features and creating a basic mindmeister map.
d. 13m25s – Sharing a map.
e. 14m40s – Publishing a map.
f. 15m30s – Embedding maps into blogs. I’ve written up the process here.
g. 16m20s – Notifications. Get notified by email, sms or twitter when a collaborator makes changes to a shared map.
i. 16m45s– Toggle History View button. Lets you see who has made changes and additions to a map. You can travel back in time and see the map being created. This could be a useful feature for assessed group work.
j. 17m55s – Recap

Something that I didn’t mention on the screencast but is useful to know is that you can collaborate in real time. So if you’re working collaboratively with colleagues or students you’re automatically assigned a colour and you can see changes on the map as they happen. There’s also a chat feature in the premium version and you could also use skype to discuss your ideas.

So that’s a quick look at Mindmeister. There are lots of other features not mentioned including the ability to work offline, the mobile edition and the various tools and widgets. I’ll leave that for another post though :-) If you’ve got any questions or queries don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Photo attribution:  Photo of Tony Buzan in screencast is licenced under creative commons. Taken by Jay Cross