I have a first generation 16Gb iPod Touch. When I first got it, it didn’t get much use. It was an ok media player with some built-in apps and that was it…until Apple invited iPod Touch users to splurge £10 to join the App Store. That opened up a whole other world of possibilities and it’s been in daily use ever since. In fact, a couple a weeks ago I left it in the office over the weekend and suffered an acute bout of separation anxiety. Well not quite, but it did make me realise how much and how often I use it.

Another great gadget that works well with the iPod Touch is my MIFI, a 3G mobile broadband dongle with built-in wireless. So as long as I’ve got a 3G signal I can connect to the internet anywhere with the iPod Touch.

3D Brain App Review

Something I’ve been meaning to do for some time is to record short reviews of iPod Touch/iPhone apps I’ve found useful. So here’s the first, in possibly a regular series. It’s a free app called 3D Brain. It contains 29 interactive 3D brain structures with selected cases studies, info and labelling . It could be potentially useful for a range of disciplines that require a basic understanding of the functions of the brain.

Go to iTunes Preview Page for 3D Brain