…when you’ve got a third generation iPod Touch. Ok, it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek but I can do a lot of what the iPhone does at a fraction of the price. Admittedly it’s not quite as convenient for some things but there are ways round that.

Which brings me to Sunday’s iPod Touch experiment. I wanted to put it through its paces as a field recording device posting on location.

My objective was to record some audio using the Audioboo app on the iPod Touch using the mic on the standard apple earphone set. I also wanted to post a photo to display on the Audioboo web site and on the iPod Touch app. Audioboo lets you record up to 5 minutes of audio and then you publish it to their site. They provide mobile apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android devices. If you don’t have either of these you can also record or upload audio directly to their site.


One pretty old but trusty mobile phone – A Sony Ericsson K800i
Mobile broadband device with built-in wifi – A Huawei MIFI E5830
32Gb 3rd Gen iPod Touch with apple earphone set with built-in mic


1. I took a photo with my mobile phone and emailed it to Photobucket, a free online photosharing site similar to Flickr. If you’ve got a photobucket account you’ll find your personal email address for posting to photobucket by email in your Account Settings. Scroll down to the Mobile Settings.

Note: this step may become redundant when the new 4th Gen iPod Touch is announced in September. The rumour mill suggests that it may have a built-in camera which would be great.

2. Fired up the MIFI to get a wifi connection. One of the great features of this device is that I can hook up to 5 wifi enabled devices so if it was a class field trip and files needed to be uploaded this would be one solution. Opened the Photobucket app on the iPod Touch and downloaded the photo I’d just taken to my Saved Photos folder. To do this I located and tapped on my photo, tapped the Share icon button shown below and then tapped the Download button. I would have preferred to use Flickr for this but the official Flickr iPod Touch app unfortunately doesn’t let you download photos to the Saved Photos folder.

3. Next I recorded the audio on iPod Touch using the audioboo app. Note, you don’t need to be online to record the audio. Finished recording the audio then tapped Publish. Filled in the appropriate details including adding the photo and saved it. And that’s it. It went online without a hitch.

Once it’s online you can copy and paste a bit of code into your blog so that you can play the audio there. On your blog remember to be in html view when pasting it in.

Below, is the result of the bit of copy & pasted code. A small audio player that will play your audio file.

In the Settings section on the audioboo website you can also set it to notify various sites when you publish a new piece of audio (a boo!)