I’m exploring the new features of my 3rd generation iPod Touch after upgrading from the 1st gen. In ye olden days I used to use a Palm T3 PDA with a folding keyboard to take notes in meetings and I thought I’d revisit this set up by pairing up my iPod Touch with my Apple wireless keyboard.

It’s very straight forward to do. On the iPod Touch, just go to Settings > General > Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth on. Turn your keyboard on. Once the Touch has found the keyboard, tap on Not Paired and follow the onscreen instructions. Simple!

An added bonus of using an Apple keyboard is that some of the functions keys work - the ones for controlling music and the brightness controls.

The keyboard would easily fit in a bag. It’s light and compact. May be this could be a lightweight alternative to lugging a laptop round campus all day – well for everyday tasks anyway.