iBooks, first seen on the iPad is now available for the iPod Touch and iPhone. It’s Apple’s free ebook reader. Bit of a shame that it requires iOS4 so that rules out the first gen iPod Touches and iPhones.

It comes with a free Winnie the Poo book to get you started. I’ve found that the books in the Apple store are rather expensive compared to their paper counterparts. I think that’s probably true for most of the ebook stores at the moment. No idea why that is. Surely it’s a much cheaper distribution method for publishers. Maybe the likes of Amazon and Apple take a hefty cut.

Having moaned about the price, there are also free books available. Mostly stuff that’s out of copyright.

When reading the books you can change the font size and type, have an optional sepia background and you also have direct access to the brightness control.

The pages in a book can be bookmarked, annotated and searched.

In Part 2 we’ll look at reading pdfs in iBooks