I just came across this handy app for the iPhone/iPod Touch called Prizmo.

This app lets you take photos of text documents then performs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allowing you to send the text to a variety of different destinations. It also has a built-in text-to-speech (tts) reader which may be useful for students with dyslexia. The synthetic voices are remarkably good. You do need to purchase these separately though (currently £1.79 each). For causal use it may be an alternative to the great, but expensive Intel Reader. I go through Prizmo’s features in more detail in the short video.

Prizmo’s Key Features

Scan text docs
Fast, accurate OCR (text recognition)
Text-to-speech voice reader
Text language translation (useful for ESOL/language students)
Send text to a variety of sources

Go to the Prizmo iTunes Preview Page. Currently priced at £5.99 in the App Store. Additional Voices £1.79