Reliving ALT-C 2009 keynotes with preserved tweets

iTitle: Any flv/mp4 will doUnfortunately I won’t be able to attend ALT-C this year and will have to muddle on as a remote delegate, primarily surfing the conferencing twitter stream.

Brian Kelly posted about the Use of Twitter at the ALTC 2009 Conference last year and by all accounts if ALT are able to video stream the keynotes again combining these two channels should mean it will be practically like I am there (but without the lunch queue ;-).

In Brain’s original post I noticed he mentioned the Twapper Keeper service (perhaps his first mention on this on hos blog) and that he had created a notebook for #altc2009. Having missed Martin Bean and Terry Anderson’s keynotes and wanting to gear myself up for ALT-C 2010 I thought I’d see if I could relive the keynotes with the preserved twitter stream using iTitle.

Knowing the twitter archive was available the next step was to see if I could find the video. On the official ALT-C 2009 keynotes page I saw they had the videos hosted on Unfortunately this wasn’t one of the video hosting sites currently supported by iTitle. This isn’t the first time I’ve had this problem as I had to manually tweak the pages for the JISC10 Conference Keynotes with Twitter Subtitles. Rather than having to keep tweaking pages I thought a simple solution would be to just let the user define a url for where a video is hosted (which works well with blip as they give direct links for videos in .flv and .mp4 format). So here are the videos with tweets (NB the jump navigation only works for loaded parts of the video)

Martin Bean
Vice-Chancellor of the Open University

iTitle: Martin Bean’s Keynote | Martin Bean’s Keynote

Michael Wesch
Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University, USA

iTitle: Michael Wesch’s Keynote | Michael Wesch’s Keynote

Terry Anderson
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Distance Education at Athabasca University, Canada - Canada’s Open University

iTitle: Terry Anderson’s Keynote | Terry Anderson’s Keynote

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