Another holiday, another WordPress plugin. This time EverPress is an automatic RSS posting plugin primarily designed to integrate with the information capturing service, Evernote. This plugin allows Evernote users to automatic post their shared notebooks to WordPress.

Supported features:

  • Post scheduling - by day, week or month, and time of day
  • Post settings - set the author, category, status (draft, public and private) and tags
  • NEW Multiple notebooks - additional notebooks can be added and removed

[The code used in EverPress is based on the Shared Items Post developed by Craig Fifield at  Google Tutor]

You can download EverPress here

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1.0.1 - minor bug fix to detect edited notes

1.0 - added support for multiple Evernote notebooks

0.9.1 - minor fix to allow direct publishing of Evernote items and feature update to link to appended posts.

0.9 - major update. Evernote changed their website code for shared notebooks which broke the plugin. This update fixes the problem and includes some new features to the admin control panel

0.8.2 - minor update to to fix problem with updating posts from Evernote feed

0.8.1 - Initial Release

Here’s (old) demonstration of setting up the plugin: