It wasn’t so much a holiday treat this time (as with my other plugin developments), more a couple of weekend ‘hobbyist’ coding sessions, but here it is, TwitterPad.

TwitterPad is a Wordpress plugin which allows twitter users to collect tweets using custom search strings. The results are automatically added to user specified pages.

Click here to download TwitterPad


TwitterPad is an automatic RSS-to-page plugin designed to integrate with twitter. This plugin allows the user to add a number of custom search strings from specifying which page new tweets should be added to.

For example, using ‘from:{yourtwittername} #tp’ you can collect all of your tweets which have been tagged #tp. You are also not just limited to collecting your own tweets, any search string will work.

The plugin was designed to automatically collect tweets I wanted to save for future reference (a tweet pad) and the page you collect tweets to doesn’t have to be public. The plugin allows you to update any page in your blog, even if it is private.

Tweets are collected once a day the newest appears to the top of the page. Here is an example of TwitterPad in use.

If you have any feature requests either add as a comment or tweet using #twpadreq (results collected on this page using TwitterPad ;-)

The screenshot below shows the div class tags generated by the plugin, which you can use to control the layout using custom css. For example, on my own site I include .twPadItm { height:60px;}.

@scotmacdonald: @mhawksey relative time format (an hour ago) #twpadreq - 05 Nov 09 17:14
@scotmacdonald: @mhawksey limit posts per page #twpadreq - 05 Nov 09 17:11
mhawksey - Profile Pic
@mhawksey: ability to edit existing feeds #twpadreq - 03 Nov 09 10:11