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psychemedia: "OU has always used tech to overcome limitations of distance..." #uBdwM7oQivk 00:35

psychemedia: User contributions to "dynamically bring relevance of day" into the learning experience #uBdwM7oQivk 01:30

psychemedia: "What happens when social networks meets education in meaningful ways?" #uBdwM7oQivk 04:25

psychemedia: Novel renderings of content being important going forwards - "rich digital experiences... still embryonic" #uBdwM7oQivk 05:23

psychemedia: "1 in 3 HE students around the world is studying in a private HE institution".... blimey... #uBdwM7oQivk 06:54

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JISC RSC Scotland North & East


The 'Tweet preview' indicates the message that will appear in your timeline when you hit the 'Tweet' button (or Shift+Alt+t).

The current video position will be tweeted unless you use the 'Mark' button (or Shift+Alt+m) to link your tweet to a specific point in the timeline.

By using this service you give permission for us to display your tweet. This site adheres to Twitter's tweet removal policy through integration with the Twitter Search and the Twapper Keeper archive service.

More information on this tool in this blog post (please leave comments with suggestions/feedback ;-).

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This site is a third party application for Twitter and YouTube | Credits: Twitter integration using TwitterOAuth, Twitter archive using Twapper Keeper and Video playback using JW Player

Implemented suggetsions To be implemented
psychemedia - Auto-mark timeline point based on when user starts typing psychemedia -Using Twitter annotations for video ID and timestamp -
Direct feedback/suggestions for this tool to @mhawksey