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mhawksey: RSC-MP3: HE Update Aug 2010 - Funding (you can also see the fruits of #14360904 ie timed podcast comments/navigation)

mhawksey: Kevin explains he wasn't sure if he wanted to put a bid in #14360904 01:19

mhawksey: Applied for funding for e-portfolio strand looking at international best practice #14360904 02:23

mhawksey: ... then to synthesise the approaches and disseminate #14360904 02:55

mhawksey: Bid wasn't successful. Feedback was team was too big and proposal spent too much time looking at the technical side #14360904 04:12

mhawksey: Kevin wanted to replicated the Design Studio Wiki (I think) #14360904 04:34

mhawksey: "worthwhile exercise" connecting with other academics including Margaret Faulkner, Susie Peacock and Mark Stiles #14360904 06:15

mhawksey: 'very useful to get feedback on the bid from Prof Mark Stiles before submitting it #14360904 06:49

mhawksey: Costing methodology for bid proposal was a big headache #14360904 07:21

mhawksey: 'the unwritten rules of JISC bid budgets' #14360904 07:54

mhawksey: Worth the effort in putting the proposal in and they will do another one #14360904 09:40

mhawksey: 'learning from Mark Stiles, his advice was only to bid for things you are only going to do anyway' #14360904 09:55

mhawksey: Talking about my experience of mark bids for innovations call #14360904 11:15

mhawksey: Huge range in reviewers comments. Individual interpretation of bid statements #14360904 12:25

mhawksey: Structure of bid process takes this into account with different stages/multiple reviewers #14360904 12:44

mhawksey: Reviewers interpretation of criteria e.g. is this proposal innovative, working for an RSC I see a lot of innovation #14360904 13:01

mhawksey: I felt that budgets were reversed engineered - this is how much money we've got how can we break this down into a budget #14360904 14:07

mhawksey: Process meant Kevin looked through a number of existing JISC and related docuements #14360904 16:39

mhawksey: I talk about JISC's idea for #JISCElevator pitching site. More streamlined dragon's den style video proposals #14360904 17:33

mhawksey: The issues of JISC funding for FEC in terms of availability and staffing capacity to prepare proposals #14360904 19:00

mhawksey: Kevin mentions links provided by Dr Neil Witt with successful bids (all of these should also be on JISC website) #14360904 21:23