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mhawksey: Don't know what the Mac/Linux solution would be #lQ0KclIhfl8 00:59

mhawksey: It is easy for to to choose any image files you have #lQ0KclIhfl8 02:16

mhawksey: ... or re-record #lQ0KclIhfl8 02:59

mhawksey: ... well never 10 minutes of 1 way. 2 way could easily be over 10 minutes #lQ0KclIhfl8 03:06

mhawksey: if you wondering why I'm random clicking on timeline looking for word doc. #lQ0KclIhfl8 04:51

mhawksey: ... think there might be a problem with my config of Office 2010/Windows 7 #lQ0KclIhfl8 05:00