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ICT has moved on at a rapid pace in last few years especially with rise of Web 2.0 and the burgeoning use by students of social networking sites like Bebo, FaceBook and YouTube. With that comes new possibilities for learning but also potential legal and copyright issues. It’s a massive area to be addressed.

JISC Legal recently ran a series of Web 2.0 workshops aimed at technical and learning resources staff and senior managers.

They have just put up the workshop material. The publications include:

Web 2.0 and the Law for FE Policy Makers
Web 2.0 and the Law for HE Policy Makers
Web 2.0 and the Law for Information Services
Web 2.0 and the Law for IT Support Staff
Web 2.0 and the Law for Learning Resource Staff
Web 2.0 and the Law FAQs
Web 2.0 Policy Checklist

Also of note if your institution is updating its acceptable use policies, is the comprehensive Using External Web 2.0 Services document from the University of Edinburgh. They have made this document available under a creative commons licence so that it can be adapted for other institutions to use. is a new community driven error database. Just type in your error message in the search box. There’s a chance that someone has encountered the problem before and posted a solution. You can also contribute your own solutions.

There is a firefox extension available that sits in the status bar. Hover over the green icon and it will show you stats about your submitted errors and displays your most recent unsolved bug. Click on the the icon and a window pops up so that you can copy and paste your error message and submit it directly to