This is a pilot blog for the provision of technical support at the JISC RSC Scotland North & East. It’s initial aim is to provide updates on the latest JISC news and other related issues for the technical community.

A major element in the RSC’s work is the provision of technical advice and support to colleges, about both their present operational issues and about technical developments which might affect them in the future. Whether users are concerned about general issues such as network security and authentication, or more specific queries about particular software problems, the RSC is here to help. We can offer direct support ourselves, or act as a bridge between colleges and the wide range of specialist JISC support services which exist to back up the RSC in this area.

Any member of staff in FE or supported HE who is working with information technology in the delivery of teaching and learning is eligible for support. Depending on the nature of the query, the RSC can draw on a range of technical training and support options.